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Every person working in prostitution is different. They all have their own stories and needs. Some want to be left alone. Some need support from other people. We want to encounter them respectfully to find out what their need is. We don’t want to interfere, but merely offer them our help, unpacking their need when encountered by it. We also engage in different spheres of our society through education and awareness. As well we network, partner and collaborate with others involved.

Find their need - meet their need - include them into our society.


Hearing their story (Visibility)

As we explained previously, the data about women working in prostitution in Germany and most of Europe is scarce. How, as a society, do we protect the basic human rights of a vulnerable group if we don’t know who they are, where they are and what they need?

This is exactly where we want to help. Since every woman’s personal story is as unique as her needs, we have chosen to ask the women directly. Instead of assuming what their needs are, we prefer the women to share personally.


Meeting the Need (Empowerment)

Everybody needs something. Some need medical care. Some need or want education. Some need someone they can talk to. Everyone deserves autonomy and equality of opportunity. But there is so much more. We want to make sure that women in prostitution have a better chance to reach those needs.

We want to offer support in getting people more and greater coping skills to face and overcome the threats before them. Our goal is that they are empowered and can live self-determined lives.



To cope well with difficult situations, stable social contacts are vital. One example of this, the smallest and most vital unit of society, is the family. Children raised in unstable homes have many disadvantages and obstacles in life. Where the smallest unit lacks, we as a society have an obligation to help fill the gaps. No one out grows the need for family. Everyone is worthy of loving relationships and a space to belong. Everyone should have the right and opportunity to be included in society, even at its smallest unit. Unfortunately, women in prostitution are often stigmatized and excluded from society. We want to ensure that they have the same chances to participate in all spheres of our society like everyone else. That is why Inclusion is so vital. Because everyone deserves a place to belong!


what we offer


We offer a wide range of services to our clientele. We do not want to assume what they need, but meet them and hear from them. That is why Streetwork is a crucial and core part of what we do. Nevertheless our aim is to go to the women, which is why we have a pre-selected number of services that we want to share here:

  Street Work

  • Giving informational material and occasionally gifts to the women

  • Offering support and information

  Social Counseling

  • Informing about legal conditions

  • Informing and giving advice about general health issues

  • Assistance with financial problems and issues concerning debt

  • Support in finding housing

  • Informing about health and social insurances

  • Guidance, assistance and placement in relation to information centers, public authorities and doctors.

  • Informing about laws concerning foreigners

  Psychosocial advice

  • Assistance in difficult life crisis

  • Support when exposed to violence
    Informing about physical and psychological ramifications of prostitution

  • Assistance during loss of social contacts, isolation and emotional dependencies
    Support during partner or family problems

  • Information and assistance during pregnancy and other related matters

  Target-group oriented advice

  • Assistance for women with migration background and information about repatriation and re-entry

  • Focused care for women with children
    Assistance and care for former sex workers

  Focused Case-Management
(in the event that women want to transition out of prostitution)

  • Informing about the labor market and opportunities into new working fields

  • Assistance during job applications and the acquisition of job qualifications

  • Referring to other organizations or public bodies

  • Cooperation with potential employers and support during the transition phase

  • Referring to safehomes in and outside of Germany


  • Inclusion of the women into society to destigmatize the people in prostitution

  • Stabilization of social network

  • Guide into participation in society