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who we are


TEAM — We are an international, professional team of social workers, psychologists, sociologists and of other relevant specialized fields.

VISION — Everyone deserves a place to belong!

MISSION — We want to reduce the vulnerability of people who are involved in or affected by prostitution, by actively going to them, practically meeting their needs and opening doors for opportunities and for full and effective participation and inclusion in our society.


Our Values and Principles

Our Guiding Principles

  • We believe that everyone has the right to live their life after their own will. To make their own choices and life decisions. No one has the right to force, manipulate or make decisions for others.  

  • We believe that everyone has the right to life, liberty, safety and security of person.

  • We believe everyone should be treated fairly and equally. Therefore we offer our services to anyone working in prostitution, no matter the gender, national or social origin, color, race, language, religion, sexual orientation, political or other opinion.

  • We reject and oppose every action of prostitution which is under psychological or physical force or pressure.

  • We believe that people working in prostitution have the right to be educated about the psychological dangers and health repercussions of prostitution.

  • We respect and are mindful of the dignity and rights of people working in prostitution.

  • We offer our help freely and without obligation. We respect others “No’s”, and do not force our services on any individual.

  • We believe that a sense of belonging through acceptance and inclusion facilitate long term stability. We believe individuals in prostitution are to be integrated into our society and accepted fully without any exclusion, isolation or stigmatisation. Therefore, we actively advocate for the social acceptance of people working in prostitution.   


our team values


  Self-Care Lifestyle

We take care of ourselves (body, mind and spirit) and do our work with joy. We don‘t overwork or slack. Being motivated and dedicated is as needed as good rest to live a healthy life. Since the work we do can be emotionally taxing, we choose to find the joy in life and to have fun together.

  Respectful Communication

We choose to communicate respectfully. We humbly listen to each other. We kindly speak life and truth. We don't shut people down, but give others the room that they need to share. We lovingly confront without judgement. If we disagree, we disagree in respect and humility. We are an international team and therefore respect different cultures and honor the individual in their beliefs.  

  Consistency and Integrity

We work with people and people need time; this is why we have patience and move at their pace. We believe that consistency builds trust. We want to be honest and have integrity. We do not make promises if we cannot follow through.  


We know the area’s and tasks we are responsible for. Individually, our yes means yes and our no means no. We abide by the theory ‘Work smarter not harder’.   

  Teamwork and Family

We don't run through people, we help them to shine and thrive in the work they do. We finish our tasks diligently and always look out to help our fellow team members. We are a team and can only achieve permanent change together. We believe that everybody deserves a place to belong and therefore we want to be open for everyone.

  Hope, Faith and Love

We choose to keep a hopeful view and perspective. We believe that no situation is beyond freedom and joy. We choose to have faith and believe the best in others. We practice prayer in order to hold the highest perspective of the people we work with. Finally we believe everything we do should be founded and motivated by love. We believe that unconditional love is the best motivation for change.

Note: As you can see we are founded on a basic christian core value system. Our team works and lives according to those values. Nevertheless our services are open for everyone, no matter their beliefs. We do not expect our clients to hold or act upon the same beliefs as us. Them making their own autonomous decisions is one of our biggest objectives. We respect them in their beliefs and decisions.